Aerial Yoga, Aerial Dance, and BodyBarre Fitness Classes

Instructor:  Pamela Kato

:  Atlantic Recreation Center Auditorium 

Description of classes:

Beginner Adult Aerial Yoga Series.  Beginning at the most basic and building up to the ability to navigate through a complete Aerial Yoga Flow class.  This class teaches the yoga poses, modification, and variations using safe practice to move into them.  For the very beginner.  All levels of fitness are welcomed.

Adult Aerial Yoga.  Using aerial hammocks, this is a Yoga Flow class utilizing Asanas (yoga poses), breathing and movement combinations to develop strength and flexibility while relaxing the mind.  This class is challenging, however, incredibly rewarding.  Completing the Beginner Adult Aerial Yoga Series is a prerequisite to attending this class. 

Aerial Kids (ages 4 & 5, group class).  Aerial dance basics.  This group learns flexibility, endurance, and balance at their own level through organized and instructional play.  Aerial hammocks are used at a low level.

Aerial Dance Hammock (ages 6 - 8, group class).  Students in this group are learning to form poses and movement to create aerial dance on an aerial hammock.

Aerial Dance Skills (ages 9 & older).  Students learn movement, flow, and poses using the two strands of fabric to create aerial dance.  Beginning, Level I, Level II, Level III, and Level IV.  Students safely master skills in levels prior to moving up.

BodyBarre.  Adult full body workout class incorporating ballet bar, pilates, yoga, weights, and calisthenics.

For a schedule of adult and children's class days/times and fees, contact Pamela (904-403-0415), or visit the Florida Body Works website: