Resort Rentals

Resort rentals are rentals of private property for less than thirty (30) days. In order to rent your property as a resort rental in the City, you need to obtain a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit (RRDP). For a printed copy of any of these applications, or for assistance in filling one out, please contact Angie Lester (904-310-3146) or Ashley Manning (904-310-3149). 

Not every property is able to apply for a RRDP. Resort rentals are restricted by zoning. In order to obtain a permit, your property must be zoned R-3, High Density Residential. There is only one exception - properties that obtained and have actively maintained a RRDP (meaning no lapse greater than 180 days) before the zoning restriction went into effect. These properties are grandfathered into the RRDP program.

If you are not sure of your property's zoning, you can use the City's interactive map or contact the Planning Department at 904-310-3135. If you are not sure if a property has an active RRDP, please contact City Code Enforcement at 904-310-3146.

If you suspect a property is being used as a resort rental without a permit or in the wrong zoning district, contact City Code Enforcement at 904-310-3136 or submit an online complaint.

How do I get a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit?

If you are a property management company, please contact the City Clerk's office at 904-310-3116 for assistance on how to register the properties you manage.

First of all, you may not need to apply for a permit! If your property is managed by a property management company, the company will hold the RRDP for you. You may wish to double check to be sure.

If your property is not managed by a property management company, then you'll need to obtain a RRDP on your own. There are several steps to getting your permit:

1) Obtain a Public Lodging License and Sales Tax Identification Number. These are required by Florida state statute.

**In an effort to provide better service for our contractors and citizens, we have temporarily removed our applications in order to revise them and make them more user friendly. Thank you for your patience. Sorry for any inconvenience.** 

2) Complete a Local Business Tax Receipt application. This registers you as a sole property manager under the City's business registration program.

3) Complete a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit application. The fee for a new application is $300.

4) Have a life/safety inspection completed. These are required upon initial application, and annually with your renewal. There is an inspection checklist. For home inspector information, visit the Department of Business and Professional Regulations website and you can search for licensed inspectors in Nassau County. If the Florida DBPR has inspected your dwelling, their checklist can also be used. If you have questions about home insepectors or inspections, please contact Angie Lester at 904-310-3146 or Email Angie Lester.

What do I do once I get the Resort Rental Dwelling Permit?

Be sure that your permit is displayed conspicuously within your dwelling, so that it is visible to renters and the inspector.

Any advertisements you run for your property must include your City RRDP permit number.

A local contact person as printed on the RRDP must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Have your yearly life/safety inspection completed and submitted to the City.

You will receive a notice annually that it is time to renew your permit. Renewals are $200.