Pool Hours and Rates

Pool Hours

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To view the Parks & Recreation Department's swimming pool hours for the 2017 calendar year, please click on the following link:

Pool hours January - December 2017

Pool hours January - December 2018
To view our Aquatics Programs brochure for the Winter season (November 2017 - February 2018), please click on the following link:
 Winter 2017-2018 Aquatics Programs
Please note:

Although the Atlantic Pool is heated, it will be covered and closed to swimming when air temperatures are below 350 F. Please refer to the weather icon in the upper righthand corner of this webpage for the "official" temperature used to make this decision. During business hours, you may call 904-310-3351 ext. 1 for the status of pool closure.

Daily Rates and Monthly Passes

(City Resident Verification Card required for City resident rates)

Daily admission:  $3 City residents / $5 Non-City

10-days' pass (use as needed):  $30 City residents / $50 Non-City   
1-month pass/single:  $30 City residents / $38 Non-City
1-month pass/couple:  $50 City residents / $63 Non-City
1-month pass/family:  $65 City residents / $81 Non-City

4-month pass/single:  $90 City residents / $113 Non-City
4-month pass/couple:  $150 City residents / $188 Non-City
4-month pass/family:  $195 City residents / $244 Non-City

12-month pass/single:  $225 City residents / $281 Non-City
12-month pass/couple:  $375 City residents / $469 Non-City
12-month pass/family:  $488 City residents / $610 Non-City

For a list of rates for Pool-Fitness Combo passes (use of Atlantic Pool and Atlantic Fitness Room), click on the following link: Pool-Fitness Combo passes

All fees above may be paid at the Atlantic Recreation Center or on-line at www.cofbparksandrec.us. First time users must create accounts.