Ocean Rescue

Fernandina Beach Ocean Rescue will be hosting its 2017 Recruit Academy, February 6, 2017 and March 6, 2017 at the Atlantic Recreation Center Aquatics Room, 2500 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, at 5:00 pm.

The Ocean Rescue Division of the Fernandina Beach Fire Department employs approximately 60 seasonal Ocean Rescue Lifeguards each year. We staff the beaches on weekends starting May 6, 2017 through May 29, 2017 (Memorial Day). After Memorial Day we guard the beaches 7 days a week throughout the summer concluding on September 4, 2017 (Labor Day); operating hours are from 10:15 A.M. – 5:15 P.M, 7 days a week.

Trained, Certified Lifeguard Tower Locations starting
May 6th and ending September 4, 2017
ski ski_thumb.JPG
Tower #1
North Beach Park (1230 N. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #2, #3, #4
Main Beach Park (20 N. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #5
Beach Access # 5 (500 S. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #6
Beach Access #9 (842 S. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #7 & #8
Seaside Park (2020 S. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #9
Beach Access 31 (3160 S. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #10
Beach Access #33 (3300 S. Fletcher Ave.)

Tower #11 #12 #13 #14
Peter’s Point Park (4600 Peters Point Rd.)

Tower #15
Scott Rd Beach Access (4902 Amelia Island Pkwy)

Tower #16
Burney Park (95570 Burney Rd.)

Fernandina Beach Ocean Rescue Lifeguards respond to water emergencies on the 12 miles of beach from Fort Clinch State Park to the southernmost point of Amelia Island.

The City of Fernandina Beach Fire Department hires Ocean Rescue Lifeguards based on the qualifications and standards set forth by the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA). Some of the requirements include, but are not limited to: swimming 500 meters in under 10 minutes, CPR & AED certification for the professional rescuer, 40 hour USLA open water rescue training course, as well as First Responder Certifications.

Ocean Rescue Lifeguards use a variety of rescue equipment, but most commonly use a rescue can. The Ocean Rescue Division also uses rescue boards, kayaks, jet skis, ATV's and a four-wheel drive trucks, all of which are used on a daily basis for rescues, patrolling and training.