• The park is open from sunrise to sundown.
  • No overnight use.
  • No motorized vehicles, fireworks, alcohol, hazardous materials, or fires are permitted.
  • Dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed and their waste is not left on the trails.
  • Fishing is permitted from bridges, but lines must be attended at all times and may not be tied off to bridge structures.  Traps are prohibited.
  • Do not harass wildlife:
    • Hunting is prohibited.
    • Don't approach too closely (defensive action from the animal may result!)
    • Don't chase
    • Don't allow your pet(s) to chase
    • Don't throw objects
    • Don't feed
  • Tours and other activities for hire are not permitted without prior notice and an approved written agreement with the City of Fernandina Beach.  
For your safety and to avoid unnecessary disturbance of wildlife and habitat, please stay on the trails at all times.

Egans Creek Greenway (17)

Scoop the Poop!

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Scooping your pooch's poop isn't just a courtesy to your neighbors, it's good for the environment!

Bring it

- Make sure you have a plastic bag with you on every walk.

Bag it

- Scoop the poop every time.

Trash it

- Dispose of pet waste in the trash or flush it (without the bag).

  • Dog feces contains more intestinal bacteria than humans, cows, and almost any wild animal.
  • Dog waste washes into storm drains and ditches.  From there it heads straight to your local stream, river, or beach.
  • The EPA reports that 2-3 days' worth of pet waste from just 100 dogs in a 20 square mile watershed can contribute enough bacteria to close a waterway to swimming and shell fishing. (US EPA, 1993)