Each connection to the City wastewater system shall pay the appropriate service charges as established in this division.

Rates shall be established on the basis of the financial requirement to cover the cost of operations, maintenance and replacements, and these costs shall be reviewed annually to assure proportional distribution among users.

Proportional Distribution

The method for determining proportional distribution shall be by determining the average water usage by meter size and the total amount of flow through the wastewater treatment plant on an annual basis.
The annual flow divided into the annual cost will provide a per gallon cost which can then be assessed to the average use by meter size.

The base rate will be established on the average water usage through a five-eighths-inch water meter and all other rates will be compared from this base rate.

Users of the City wastewater system shall be notified in the first billing of each calendar year as to the effective rate in use.

Wastewater customers are divided into four classifications:
  1. Joe Cooner

    Utilities Operations Superintendent