Bosque Bello Cemetery

The Bosque Bello Cemetery, "Beautiful Woods," was said to have been established by the Spanish in 1798.  The City of Fernandina Beach added a "new" section in the mid-1940’s.

The Cemetery is located at 1321 North 14th Street near the entrance of historic Old Town Fernandina Beach.  For lot purchases and cemetery information, visit the Parks & Recreation Department’s administrative office at the Atlantic Recreation Center, 2500 Atlantic Avenue.

Prices for burial lots
Cemetery lots
$1,700 City residents
$2,100 Non-City

Tree lots (for cremated internments only)
$550 City residents
$700 Non-City

Other fees
Deed transfer fee:  $75
Burial permit (includes disinterment):  $45
Monument permit:  $45

Bosque Bello Cemetery is governed by the Cemetery City Code of Ordinances - Chapter 30

To view Cemetery lot locations, visit the following link:
Burial search

  1. Scott Mikelson

    Parks & Recreation Deputy Director