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The City Tree Committee concluded in the final report of recommendations that our urban tree canopy continues to face challenges and in order to offset these challenges, an increase in the number of trees and green spaces within our community is critical. To address this, the Committee found several areas in need of immediate planting action requiring ten trees or more. These large-scale planting areas include public rights of ways, areas of the golf course, retention ponds throughout the City, City schools, areas of Bosque Bello Cemetery, and perhaps one of the most important and often missed areas, private property. Private property plantings are being addressed by means of seasonal tree giveaways in collaboration with Keep Nassau Beautiful. Do you know of an area in the City that is lacking trees? Email us at to send in your recommendations and help us Root for Trees! 

Large Scale Plantings

Tree Planting at Egan's Creek Park 04/30/2020

Existing Retention Pond Plantings

Community outreach to property owners and HOA's is being implemented to determine potential planting areas. The clustering of trees will promote wildlife habitats and shaded areas for families to gather. 

Trees in Bosque Bello

Bosque Bello Cemetery will need continuous attention to monitor aging and/or dying trees and a replacement strategy. Funds that were approved to create a master plan are available in the 2021 fiscal year budget. To date, however, no official plan has been put into place. Coordination with the Department of Parks & Recreation would be beneficial for specimen selection and proper maintenance once trees have been planted.

Plantings located in the cemetery would need to have an archaeologist on site in the event that historical artifacts are uncovered.


City School Plantings

Initiate conversation with the Nassau County School Board Staff, to discuss future plantings on school grounds.

Indigo St 9-14-21e
Hickory North Side2

Seasonal Tree Give Away Events

The City, in partnership with Keep Nassau Beautiful, holds 2 FREE tree giveaways each year. Check our calendar for the next event.

Small Scale Plantings

Free Tree Replacement Program

For every approved tree removal permit, citizens are asked if they would like to receive a free tree. Staff will assist residents in selecting the right tree for the right place.

071020_Egans Creek Park2

Arbor Day Plantings

The City of Fernandina Beach is proud to hold the Tree City USA designation. In order to maintain this title, the City must recognize both Florida Arbor Day (third Friday of January) and National Arbor Day (last Friday of April). With that in mind, the Department of Planning & Conservation is committed to using these celebrations to promote planting events.


Personalized Tree Dedication Program

Citizens and/or local businesses can request a tree for a special occasion or in memory of a loved one. Tree species and location will be vetted by staff. Dedications will be recognized through a staff issued certificate.

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Natives for Invasives Replacement Program

Citizens can request a free native tree in exchange for removing an invasive species such as Brazilian Pepper, Chinese Tallow, and Chinaberry from their property or public rights-of-way.

Program Applications

071020_Egans Creek Park2