Vision 2045 

Vision 2045 Statements

Vision themes and goals

Starting in June 2021, the City conducted outreach efforts and data collection to create the City's 2045 Vision. The City's Vision and Mission Statements were adopted in February 2022 by Resolution 2022-37. The remainder of the document  is was informed by the nine month outreach effort and public input period. Five Key Themes with associated goals have been established to support the City's mission and vision. The remainder of the document is pending final approval by the City Commission. Draft documents are provided at the links below.  

The intent of Vision 2045 is to serve as a planning tool directing long range action and guide city programs, future planning studies, and establish funding priorities. Vision 2045 contains specific and measurable goals and benchmarks to support leadership in its future decisions.

Vision 2045 (pending City Commission decision making)

Not Formally Adopted

Vision 2045 with Implementation Measures

Executive Summary

Appendix A- Existing Conditions and Background

Appendix B - Public Involvement

Appendix C - Resources and Case Studies

PAB Meeting Presentation (Dec. 8, 2021)  (pdf) (text)

Outreach Efforts - Summer 2021 -

Vision 2045 Kick-off Meeting Icon Opens in new windowjune 23Draft 2045 Vision Icon
June 23, 2021 ~ 5-7pm at Central ParkDraft Documents in September 2021

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